Welcome to Tarlton Corporation!

Experts in Concrete Restoration 
& HydroVac Services

Building proudly throughout the Midwest since 1946, Tarlton is one of the country's Top 400 Contractors and a Winning Workplace. We seek to build long-lasting relationships and to support our clients' missions to renovate, build and grow. A certified Women's Business Enterprise, we provide preconstruction and construction 
services for clients in wide-ranging 
markets, with an emphasis on 
sustainable construction.

We are trusted leaders in
Concrete Repair,
Restoration & Maintenance
provide top-tier HydroVac 
hydro excavation and
vacuum services.

Boots On The Ground
    Tarlton VALUES

Deeply rooted in our founding principles, we're committed to living out those values and helping our clients build for success. 

    Tarlton CONCRETE

Concrete construction is a big part
of our 69-year history. Our wide-ranging experience reflects the perfect mix of concrete know-how and complete construction 

For more information about our expertise, please contact the Tarlton concrete team.   

Tarlton Corporation 5500  |  West Park Avenue  | St. Louis, Missouri  | 63110  |  main: 314-633-3300 fax: 314-647-1940

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