HydroVac Services

Tarlton HydroVac Services delivers Safety, Quality and Value in hydro excavation and industrial vacuuming services. We bring 70 years of construction experience to every job, with special expertise in the power and energy market.

We use a powerful, mobile industrial system that safely and efficiently vacuums wet and dry materials of all sorts. Each unit is ideal for hard-to-reach interior spaces and remote outdoor areas, with a reach of up to 1,000 feet. Equipped with a 940,000 BTU heater to operate in frozen settings, each holds up to 21 cubic yards of material, has a sophisticated filtering system and features offloadings options for every need.

Our Vactor HXX and Guzzler Combination Units are available 24/7 with specially trained operators and technicians to complete the following types of work:

▪    Hydro excavation – work around live utilities, minimize risk of hitting buried utilities, avoid costly outages and repairs
▪    Holes for pilings and poles
▪    Slot trenching
▪    Coal and CCW cleanup
▪    Tank and pipeline cleaning
▪    General cleaning services
▪    High-pressure water blasting

Tarlton has great ideas on ways to make your next project safe, clean and productive. For more information about our hydro excavation services and rates, give us a call!

Dave Murry 
Tarlton HydroVac Sales