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    Tarlton Concrete Repair, Restoration and Maintenance Capabilities

Tarlton has been providing expert concrete design, construction, repair and restoration services since 1946. 

Our services are vast and include parking garage construction, restoration and maintenance; precast repairs; post-tension installation and repair; surface and slab restoration; structural concrete; structural and seismic upgrades; industrial and chemical coatings and sealers; waterproofing; and specialty applications including hydro demolition.

Our broad-based experience reflects the perfect mix of concrete know-how and complete construction understanding. Because we build and manage diverse projects up to $150 million, we are experienced in dealing with every conceivable construction challenge. Our Concrete Restoration team delivers efficient solutions to execute high-quality projects safely, on time and on budget.   

For building owners or managers with parking garages, we emphasize that garage maintenance is critical in extending the longevity of the structure and producing cost savings over the long term. Our suggestions include the following: 

▪     Clean the concrete surfaces twice a year to remove salt, dirt and debris.
▪     Repair failed calking joints and expansion joints.
▪     Repair new cracks.
▪     Look for delamination of existing concrete.
▪     Seal the concrete every 3 to 5 years.
▪     Repair traffic membranes before they wear down to the concrete.
▪     Clean out drains.
▪     Inspect for snow plow damage. 

Tarlton is here to help. 
For questions about concrete restoration, repairs or maintenance, please contact Nathan Hart, General Manager - Concrete Restoration, 314-633-3334, NLHart@tarltoncorp.com

Our team members have certifications and training in the following areas:

        American Shotcrete Association (ASA)
        ▪     Certified nozzlemen – this designation is often required by engineers for shotcrete applications.

        Post-Tension Institute (PTI)
        ▪     Certified post-tension installers/inspectors, including project management team members. 

International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Training:
▪     Master Certificate in Concrete Repair
▪     Slab Moisture Testing and Evaluation 

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Training:
▪     Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation
▪     Parking Structure Design and Construction
▪     Concrete Repair Basics 

Associated General Contractors (AGC) Training:
▪     Project Planning and Scheduling
▪     Construction Finance and Cost Control
▪     Risk Management and Legal Aspects of Construction
▪     Principles of Project Management  

Certified Applicator/Installer Status:
▪     Degussa/Evonik penetrating concrete sealers
▪     Emseal expansion and control joint systems
▪     Master Builders family of repair products and traffic coatings
▪     Neogard traffic coating by Jones-Blair Company
▪     Quakewrap carbon and glass fiber systems
▪     Sika family of products
▪     Strongwall, including repair mortars and Stroncote traffic coating
▪     Watson-Bowman expansion joints

Tarlton is approved or certified to install the following products. 
We’re always adding to our list — if you don’t see a product you'd like to know about, please ask.

APF Polymers                           Ardex                                             Carlisle
Cetco                                          Chem Rex                                    Chemtron      
CTS Cement                             Degussa                                      De Neef
Dudick                                        Emseal                                         Euclid Chemical
Evonik                                         Five Star                                       Gaco Western
Hilti                                              King Shotcrete                            Lily
L.M. Scofield Co.                       Pacific Polymer                          Master Builders
Metzger                                       McGuire                                        Neogard
Poly                                             SpecRawl                                     Poly-tuff Systems International 
Sika                                             Simpson                                      Situra
Spec                                            MixSonneborn                            Strongwall
Tamms                                       Tho Roc                                       Thoro
Tremco                                       United Coatings                         Vandex
W.R. Meadows                          Watson Brown Acme                 Xpex

Amsysco (post-tension consultant/supplier)
M-Brace (Master Builder technology)
PSC (post-tension consultant/supplier)                                     

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