We value integrity, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. It all starts with our leaders, who take active roles in our industry and community, embrace service to others, and impart a teamwork philosophy. Tarlton’s leadership sets the tone for all of us to get involved.

A member of our executive team is assigned to every project, large or small, demonstrating the importance we place on getting to know our clients and working together through the construction process. The Tarlton culture is hands-on, doors and minds open, always up for the next challenge.


Tracy E. Hart


Dirk G. Elsperman

Executive Vice President/CAO

John T. Doerr

Executive Vice President

Sondra N. Rotty

Senior Vice President/COO

Jason M. Bretz

Senior Vice President

Anthony J. Eftimoff

Vice President, Finance

Michael J. Trettel

Vice President

Joe F. Scarfino

Vice President