Safety is our top priority. If we can’t build it safely, we won’t build it. Period.

We believe that coaching folks to look out for themselves and their co-workers is the best way to provide for their families and life outside of work. If we infuse safety into every aspect of our operations, we will succeed. Tarlton’s safety successes are built around pre-project planning and vigilant monitoring of proactive activities on the job. Safety is our first and last priority: We start each workday with a Pre Task Safety Plan (PTSP) and send everyone home after an End of Day Wrap-up.

In the course of a project, you can expect to hear our team focus on safety in the following ways:


▪    Constructability reviews
▪    Public and surrounding property protection via logistics plans
▪    Schedule reviews for crew coordination and overtime/shift considerations
▪    Pre-qualification of subcontractors through SCORE
▪    Project Safety Start-up Meetings
▪    Job Specific Safety Plans

During Construction

▪    Jobsite safety orientation
▪    Pre-installation conferences with subcontractors and self-perform crews
▪    Daily Pre Task Safety Plans
▪    Weekly Tool Box Talks and jobsite audits
▪    Near miss/good catch reporting
▪    Periodic review of the Job Specific Safety Plan to make sure conditions have not changed


▪    Review of proactive measures for areas of improvement
▪    Review of subcontractors with feedback to estimating/preconstruction teams

Safety is a pillar of our corporate culture: 

▪    A safety moment leads off every meeting
▪    New employees complete safety orientation
▪    All superintendents/competent personnel receive OSHA 30 training and Tarlton supervisor training
▪    Our Safety Committee reviews policies and incidents and provides direction for our safety program

Every person at Tarlton is empowered with the responsibility to do the right thing. Our safety professionals work with our project teams to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools to execute their projects safely and successfully. It’s the only way we know how to build.