Green Building

Tarlton builds sustainably and excels at managing the LEED certification process. In the last 15 years, we’ve constructed 10 percent of the LEED government and commercial projects in St. Louis, including the first LEED Certified and Silver projects in the city.

With more than a dozen LEED projects completed and 20 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, our depth of experience is an asset to project teams pursuing sustainable construction, whether or not a project is registered for third-party certification.

Our LEED experience to date includes the following projects:

BJC HealthCare, Barnes-Jewish Center for Outpatient Health, St. Louis, MO — LEED Silver, completed 2012.

Millipore B15 Research and Development Laboratory Expansion, St. Charles, MO — LEED Certified, completed 2008.

Saint Louis Art Museum Expansion (New East Building), St. Louis, MO — LEED Gold, completed 2012.

St. Louis Community College Center for Nursing and Health Sciences, St. Louis, MO — LEED Registered, completed 2019.

Tarlton Corporation Headquarters Building, St. Louis, MO — LEED Silver, completed 2004.

The Koman Group and Spire, St. Louis, MO — 700 Market, LEED Gold Commercial Interiors, completed 2015.

U.S. General Services Administration National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, MO — LEED Certified, completed 2011.

University of Missouri MIzzou Softball StadiumColumbia, MO — LEED Gold, completed 2017.

Washington University Bryan Hall Renovation, St. Louis, MO  LEED Gold, completed 2018. 

Washington University Rudolph Hall (Earth & Planetary Sciences Building), St. Louis, MO — LEED Certified, completed 2004.

Washington University McMillan Hall Renovation, St. Louis, MO — LEED Gold, completed 2013.

Washington University Olin Business School Expansion (Knight and Bauer Halls), St. Louis, MO — LEED Gold, completed 2014.

Washington University Seigle Hall, St. Louis, MO — LEED Certified, completed 2008.

Wexford Science & Technology BioResearch & Development Growth Park Bldg 1 at the Danforth Plant Science Center, Creve Coeur, MO — LEED Gold, completed 2009.

Wexford Science & Technology @4240 Core & Shell (4240 Duncan Ave., Cortex District), St. Louis, MO — LEED Platinum, completed 2013.

Wexford Science & Technology 4220 Duncan Ave., St. Louis, MO — LEED Gold,  completed 2018.