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    Nordstrom Rack

In addiiton to constructing the two Nordstrom stores in Missouri, Tarlton is a proud builder for Nordstrom Rack, having built out seven stores in four different states since 2010. Most recently, we completed two stores in Oklahoma. Nordstrom Rack at Belle Isle Station (Oklahoma City) opened in fall 2013, while the Rack at Woodland Plaza (Tulsa) opened in April 2014.  

Tarlton completed the two Michigan Rack stores, which opened in spring 2013: Nordstrom Rack Arborland Center in Ann Arbor and Baldwin Commons in Lake Orion, near Auburn Hills. Each store is approximately 30,000 sf.

Nordstrom Rack at Manchester Highlands, Missouri's second Rack, opened in September 2012 and is about 35,000 sf. Tarlton completed the interior build-out of Nordstrom Rack Brentwood Square -- Missouri's first Rack store -- in September 2010 and the Rack at Orchard Corners in Lenexa, KS, in September 2011. 


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