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    NARA National Personnel Records Center

This new National Personnel Records Center, constructed for the U.S. General Services Administration through a Hardin-Tarlton joint venture, is a central repository for military service personnel records, replacing the National Personnel Records Center at 9700 Page Ave. in St. Louis.

Situated on a 29-acre parcel at 1829 Dunn Road, it is the largest national archives facility outside of greater Washington, D.C.

The 250,000 sf warehouse holds more than 2 million cubic feet of records for 56 million Americans, stored in a multi-bay stacking system nearly 30 feet tall. The tilt-up concrete structure also includes a 250,000 sf, three-story office building housing more than 700 employees of the National Archives and Records Administration, as well as offices for 13 other federal agencies.

At the peak of construction, 300 to 350 tradespeople were working on this LEED-registered project completed in spring 2011.

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