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    Washington University Koenig & Liggett Halls
Tarlton completed two new residence halls and a connecting tower on the Washington University campus in two phases. Koenig Hall is 45,000 sf and accommodates freshmen and sophomores, while Liggett Hall houses upperclassmen in 66,000 sf. The two buildings provide 324 beds in suite or semi-suite room configurations.
In addition to faculty apartments, suites and semi-suites, Liggett Hall houses a multitude of common areas and a library, seven lounges, computer room, kitchens, laundry facilities and music practice room. The interiors feature beautiful woodwork and other high-end finishes such as ceramic tile on the fireplaces. 
Construction was made challenging by the tight space and a new 30-inch storm sewer line running beneath the tower while the new piers were being drilled. Tarlton’s planning and coordination were critical to averting interference with day-to-day activities on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.
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