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    Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis High-Speed Balance Facility

Tarlton served as General Contractor for a capital project addition at Mechanical Dynamics and & Analysis, winner of a 2013 Quality Concrete Award, 2013 Best Practices Award and 2014 Keystone Award from the AGC of St. Louis.

Central to the project was assembly and construction of a new spin cell that gives MD&A the ability to perform high-speed balancing of generator fields and steam turbine rotors in-house at its St. Louis facility rather than through a third party out of state.

Great measures were taken to ensure safe operation of the spin cell through containment, since pieces tested inside are spun at up to 3,960 RPM. The spin cell sits on a concrete pad supported by 104 12-inch H-beam piles extending to bedrock, roughly 70 feet below grade. The spin cell liner was delivered in nine sections, each with a liner plate 1-1/4 inches thick.

Once it was assembled and placed, 1,775 cy of 5,000 psi concrete was pumped around the spin cell at a thickness of 7 feet, further strengthened by steel fibers and 580 tons of rebar. The concrete is contained by a 3/8-inch steel scab plate designed to contain any spalling concrete in the event of a failure. Tarlton self-performed all of the heavy concrete work. Fox Architects served as architect.

Tarlton also was contracted to perform associated mechanical, electrical, and millwright work including installation of an aluminum shielding system, the machine bed system, and the transporter rail and rail bridge, which brings the equipment being tested into the spin cell. Additional work included drive motor and gearbox installation, plus construction of the warehouse-type building protecting the spin cell and equipment, an attached control room and equipment room, and construction of a new Ameren substation.

In addition, Tarlton completed site work, demolition, plumbing, fire protection and other miscellaneous work for MD&A.

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