Make Your Membership Count

Tarlton Senior Vice President John Doerr, PE, is serving as 2018 chairman of the Building Division, Associated General Contractors of Missouri.

Following are excerpts of a letter he shared in January 2018 with the AGC chapter membership:

I look forward to working with our talented staff members, who provide access to resources that help our members stay in touch with the crucial issues that affect how we run our businesses day to day, and, perhaps more importantly, provide much-needed education on how things may change in the future.

In addition to the full-time staff, our AGC chapter has committees comprising leaders in the construction industry. I would wager that a great majority of our members are not maximizing the value of their membership in the AGC of Missouri, and I would like to ask every member to re-dedicate yourself to maximizing the value of your AGC membership in the following areas.

Come to the events. We will do our best to offer meaningful activities, and the only way you’ll know is by being there. Presentations aside, probably the best thing that comes through being a member is building relationships with the leaders of our industry.

In addition to the various courses that are offered, our website offers Construction Guidelines that can be downloaded to help members in various situations. …¬†Remember, we are predicted to be facing a shortage of construction professionals in the future. Collaborating with the AGC to provide training opportunities for these additional team members is a great way to strengthen your business.

Our membership comprises industry leaders, and access to these individuals as well as the AGC staff is well worth your dues. To make membership even more valuable, we also want to encourage new companies to become members, making us a stronger overall group.

I look forward to working with many of you this year, as our industry will face issues that could greatly impact how we work. Although we are all busy, we should never be too busy to schedule time to improve our talents and grow our network of friends in the industry. I hope to see many of you at our upcoming events.