ConAgra Marshall Plant Concrete Repairs

Concrete Restoration
Industrial & Civil

As a subcontractor to Irvinbilt Co., Tarlton completed several concrete repairs at this food manufacturing plant, including structural floor repairs, foam injection/waterproofing, and a one-day repair of delaminated concrete walls at a loading dock.

The main work was conducted within a scheduled production shutdown to allow repairs and upgrades to the facility and equipment. The plant’s plumbing and electrical systems (in operation the day before the work began) were removed; this equipment comprised high-speed conveying and frozen food assembly line systems for manufacturing frozen meals of chicken nuggets, corn, mozzarella sticks and apple desserts.

Tarlton restored a total of 1,553 sf of concrete on the bottom side of the overhead concrete slab (about 12,000 total sf). The phased work required removal of deteriorated concrete, installation of stainless steel mesh and/or welded rebar as necessary, and the application of low-pressure wet repair mortar to complete the repair. Tarlton self-performed all work in this contract, utilizing as many as 26 personnel working two shifts of 10 hours each during a three-week period.

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