MD&A Lathe Foundation

Industrial & Civil

Tight site


Tarlton served as General Contractor in constructing a foundation for a 90-ton Kramatorsk lathe for MD&A. The majority of the work was focused on constructing the main equipment pad, which is 95 feet long x 19 feet wide x 8 feet thick. The foundation includes more than 100 block-outs for the lathe’s anchor bolts, large chutes and a recessed pit that catches debris that comes off the lathe.

Roughly 500 cubic yards of concrete was placed monolithically for the main foundation. Work also included the removal and replacement of the existing structural concrete floor slab, driving 75 H-piles 75 feet deep to bedrock, and installing a sheet-pile shoring system.

Because of the tight working space and extremely saturated soil conditions, metal sheet piling was installed to support the excavation of the lathe foundation and H-pile was used to support the foundation.

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