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World's Fair Pavilion at the top of the steps on Government Hill in Forest Park


    Government Hill

Tarlton performed the concrete work on this high-profile redesign of Government Hill in historic Forest Park. The work involved layout, excavation, forming, reinforcement and placement of concrete footings and walls.

Tarlton constructed fountain basin walls including six cascade steps dropping a total of 14 feet. The team also placed footings and walls for three sets of paired steps to the World’s Fair Pavilion 54 feet above.

Radiused stairway landings presented a formwork challenge; Tarlton successfully created the desired smooth, seamless finish. Footings were bank formed with plain concrete, while stair walls were formed and placed with colored concrete, finished on top with a slope to each side and a 1/4" radius on all edges and corners. Exposed wall was lightly sand blasted to evoke the rich history of Government Hill. 

The project received a 2008 Quality Concrete Award from the Concrete Council of St. Louis.

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