Washington University Pedestrian Bridge Replacement

Higher Education
$5 Million - $20 Million
Year Completed

Tarlton replaced the pedestrian bridge from the Danforth Campus over Forest Park Parkway and the MetroLink commuter rail line. The team deconstructed the existing bridge and placed two new 21-foot-wide steel bridge spans each measuring nearly 90 feet long and weighing more than 50 tons. Erection of the new bridge around the clock on a weekend required a carefully coordinated rerouting of trains and the closure of Forest Park Parkway.

The new bridge is supported by steel columns that sit on three existing pier caps and 24 new drilled piers north of MetroLink. Following placement of the bridge spans, the team poured the 8-inch structural deck, topping slab and curbs and installed the framing and cladding system that covers the steel structure. The bridge also includes an extensive cable guardrail and lighted handrail system, which required the careful layout and installation of hundreds of anchor bolts.

The new walkway is more than twice as wide as on the previous bridge and provides clearly marked paths for pedestrians and cyclists to help reduce conflicts between the two. With a new switchback ramp, increased lighting and extensive landscape improvements, the project enhances the overall safety and appearance of the pedestrian pathway and surrounding area.

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